Friday, 4 January 2008

Record players mix

Find it *** here*** yo.....

Won't be there for long (Megaupload innit) but I'll put it somewhere else in a bit.

Tracklist :

Rokken - Loop (Rokken)
Letroset - Cosmetic Lobotomy (Kraktronik)
Zeta Reticula 3 - A2 (Electrix)
Litwenenko - Tripping, Roughing, Holding (Detroit Underground)
Soul Oddity - Get Fresh (Schematic)
Novamen - Ned's Rap (Murdercapital)
Mr Psik & Dncn - Kryst [Tim Wright Remix] (Human Shield)
Si Begg - My Style [Si Begg Bleepsteppers Mix] (Noodles)
SLT Mob Vs Search & Destroy - Saddam (Soulja)
Rokken - Loop (Rokken)
Letroset - Cube Wave (Fleeced)
Frankie Bones - Anthem 4 Purists (The Last Label)
Auto Repeat - You Can't Stop (SSR)
Mysteryman - Life In a Tube (Over X)
Rokken - Loop (Rokken)
Thomas Krome - Electrobitch (Corb)
Jean Paul Bondy - Something Is Not Right [Robag Wruhme Mix] (Compost)
Phon.o - Booty Lickin' (Detroit Underground)
Apparat - Can't Computerize It (Bpitch Cntrl)
Tommy Walker III - Promet (Rotten Row)
Elecktroids - Kilohertz (Warp)
Patrick Pulsinger - Viagem (Disko B)
Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri (Ghostly)
The Duncan Sisters - Boys Will Be Boys (Casablanca)

256kbps , 72mins or so. I think maybe some of my records need a clean.

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