Thursday, 4 December 2008


These caustic emissions have been entombed for over a year, buried for reasons undisclosed yet unknown, festering and maturing to the point of near total decomposition, we feel that now is the time to exhume and disenbalm these disturbed chronicles and discharge them unto the world. With previous offences on cult labels Bunker and Human Shield, Cestrian now offers MNX five tracks of mournful, brooding machine music telling of dark times in our murky history and warning of an uncertain future, far beyond human comprehension. Also known as Ali Renault [one half of electronic disco supergroup Heartbreak], the multi-talented synthesizer maestro has risen to notoriety with some of the best and most consistent releases on hit labels Dissident, Lex and Cyberdance, and although this release treads an altogether darker path, the undeniable pulse and throb runs deep through all his work. Strictly Limited to 300 Copies!!!

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